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bullet   County Council
bullet   Indsoft SRL
bullet   EMCO SRL
bullet   Spedition SRL
bullet   General Directorate of Social Assistance and Child Protection
bullet   Trans Montana


bullet   Thrace Packaging - Thrace Group Greece, injected plastic packaging;
bullet   Greiner Packaging - Greiner Group Austria, extruded plastic packaging;
bullet   Eurofoam - Eurofoam Group Belgium, polyurethane foam;
bullet   DesleeClama - Belgian producer of textiles;
bullet   Romipel - Italian shareholders, leather processing;
bullet   Tondach - Austrian Group, ceramic roof tiles;
bullet   Bramac - Austrian Group, concrete roof tiles;
bullet   DPC - roads construction, public company;
bullet   Fusion Romania - British Group, gas and water pipes;
bullet   General Logistic SRL - Malta Group, real estate developer;
bullet   Brandl-Ro - German Group, automotive industry;
bullet   Steinel - German Group, electronic production and distribution;
bullet   ODU Rom Manufacturing - German-American electric and electronic components producer;
bullet   CML - French Group, automotive;
bullet   Dutchmed - Dutch shareholders, medical equipment distribution;
bullet   Cognor - Austrian and polish shareholders, steel industry;
bullet   Biomin - Austrian Group, distribution in Romania of mineral fodder produced in Germany;

bullet   IFM - German Group, industrial sensors;
bullet   Tursib - Public transportation company in Sibiu, audit for EBRD financing;
bullet   Alpha Aftermarket - Swiss subsidiary of IT and database services;
bullet   City Council Avrig - Projects from EU Structural Funds;
   Sobis - software, consulting, energy, tourism;
bullet   Expertarom - romanian group in the food flavorings industry;
bullet   Polipharma - production of medicines;


bullet   Mi-Pay Brokwood Ltd - companie din Marea Britanie, mobile banking;
bullet   General Motors Romania - (USA) automotive;